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This article was written in September 1989 after I approached the Wilmington News Journal. I had told Berlinda Bruce that my art show "Liquid Flesh and Other Flavors of the Night" had been unceremoniously closed down by the owner of the restaurant Victor Dubroff. This is the same Victor Dubroff who had originally approved the show. Now he was caving into a few vocal culture Nazis. The worst part of this was that I was not even informed that the show had been removed. It was a first in Crumb's short history of showing local art. A few of Crumb's artists had had one painting removed due to complaints. I was the only one with the dubious distinction of having my entire show removed.

If you read the article carefully, the writer tries to make it appear that I approved of the censorship of my artwork. This was ridiculous. I was extremely upset that I had been censored. That was the reason that I had went to the newspaper in the first place.

The article makes it sounds like the entire show consisted of penis paintings. Only one painting had a penis and it was a humorous piece. It was hardly a pornographic painting.

Anyway I have reproduced the original article here for humorous and instructive purposes.


Michael Erion